The Benefits of Cycling

Cycling is not a new thing in Africa. In fact it is probably the oldest means of transportation involving wheels.


World Environment Day

We cycle to conserve the environment everyday, but this was a special day as we commemorated the World Environment Day....


The Future of Cycling in Nairobi

Cycling is gradually being accepted in Kenya, not as a poor man's activity, but as a lifestyle. We are happy to see that all our years of advocacy....


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About Wheels of Africa

Wheels of Africa was formed in October 2008 as an organization to champion the culture of cycling in Africa. To date we have about 30 paid-up members from all walks of life ranging from casual riders, commuter cyclists, bicycle mechanics, competitive bike riders, para-cyclists and both young and older learners, learning to cycle.

Wheels of Africa’s vision is to mainstream cycling as a lifestyle and an alternative mode of transport in Africa. With this we wish to broaden access to bicycling and all its benefits through hands on programs, commuter transportation, enterprising projects and events. We are establishing partnerships with like-minded organizations and professionals to enable it to offer a range of activities in cycling and to raise the profile of the bicycle in Kenya and in Africa at large.

As part of our mission, we listen to cyclists needs’ and organize high calibre and fun activities where cyclists can experience the joy of riding. We facilitate a range of programs, with the aim of continually developing cycling as a life style in Africa. The scope of our reach includes programs that aim to initiate and support:

To bring cycling to all levels of riders, and to champion the culture of riding as a life style in Africa through education, advocacy, friendship, teamwork, partnerships and fun. We propose to facilitate a culture of cycling through advocacy for motorists to learn to share the road, while raising the profile of cycling, hosting fun and high profile events as well as cycling for worthy causes.

To mainstream and position the bicycle as alternative mode of transport in Africa (Redefining Mobility). Our Commitment To facilitate and promote the joy of cycling for all our members

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